The Sisterhood Circle

Connect. Inspire. Grow. Heal.

Welcome to the Sisterhood Circle! A monthly online women’s circle with the soul intention of sharing conversation, connecting with like minded humans, and offering a safe space to learn, grow, and heal as a collective. 
We go through so much on our own, especially in the current climate of the world. The feeling of isolation and loneliness can cause us to easily forget that we are all in this, together.
Ready to join me ? Keep reading to find out how…

Our Values

 It’s imperative that as a Sisterhood we adhere to a set of values which align with the highest good of each other. Below are the SISTER values specific to these circles.

  1. Safety - this circle is a safe space to ask questions, listen to others, embrace our emotions, and keep our circle sacred
  2. Inspiration - this circle is a driving force for inspiration with new topics each month designed to broaden your perspective of self and the world, and to ripple outwards towards your own communities 
  3. Sensitivity - this circle values compassion and sensitivity toward all other women ensuring a space of non judgemental behaviour especially during moments of sharing and vulnerability
  4. Trust - this circle trusts that the women within it will uphold these values and consider the time spent within the circle to be met with integrity and meaning 
  5. Equality - this circle does not discriminate against race, age, occupation, status, or culture
  6. Respect - this circle requires self respect from each woman, as well as respect for the collective

How It Works

Each month on the New Moon, we gather online (via Zoom) to discuss the chosen theme or topic for that month. The gatherings take approximately 2 hours.

The circle will commence with a short meditation, followed by a 2 minute check in (optional) from each individual. You will be asked:

◉  How are you feeling?

◉  What is going well for you?

◉  What are you currently struggling with?

◉  What are you ready to let go of?

◉  What do you intend to call in this month?

I will facilitate the theme or topic through a short 15 minute talk, followed by an opportunity for us as a collective to discuss that topic and how it can apply and be of benefit to each of our lives. 

The circle will end with either a reading of poetry, movement, meditation, or contribution from a guest speaker depending on the theme of the month. Each individual will be required to set an intention and action plan (of course) based on what they have learned or taken away from the session.

Why New Moon?

The energy of the New Moon is known by many as a time to set goals, become inspired, set intentions and to energise ourselves in a way which ‘levels up’ our lives. It is all about manifesting and excitement. I love to start each month with an attitude which serves my greatest good, so that I can show up authentically for myself, and for humanity.


If you are already a part of the online SOS Sisterhood Membership, the Sisterhood Circle is free of charge. Members will receive a separate link to register within the Membership Chatroom.

Note: If you ARE a member, please check the chatroom for your link


To find out more about the SOS Membership, click here.

If you don't wish to be a member, but would love to join a circle, each gathering costs only AUD $21.


Note that each circle only holds a maximum of 20 women to ensure each person has ample time to share their thoughts and actively participate.

Choose Your New Moon



Join us for only $21 AUD

What are you avoiding taking action on?

A sign which is aligned with practicality, systems, and precision. We draw on Virgo energy during this New Moon to ask ourselves what parts of our lives we are neglecting.

Date: Tuesday, September 7th 



Join us for only $21 AUD

Are your boundaries aligned?

We call on the energy of Librans to show us justice, fairness, and balance. In this Sisterhood Circle we ask ourselves how fair we are being toward ourselves and toward others with regards to boundaries.

Date: Wednesday, October 6th



Join us for only $21 AUD

What’s your shadow side?

 The dark and mysterious Scoprio… a sign which is known for deep thinking, contemplation, and self-mastery. This month we ask ourselves what traits or behaviors we hold which are ‘toxic’ to our own self mastery.

Date: Thursday, November 4th



Join us for only $21 AUD

Setting Intentions for 2022

A necessary and powerful task at the end of each year is to reflect on what has been, and set our intentions for what we seek in the year ahead. Who better to channel than the energy of the creative, adventurous and independent Sagittarius?

Date: Friday, December 3rd 



Join us for only $21 AUD

How can we work & heal as a collective?

As we settle into the second month of 2022, we start to get our goals aligned for the year ahead. Perhaps there were things last year which weren't working for us? Perhaps we are looking for help or achievement in the wrong places? Who do we need to call on for help?

Date: Tuesday, February 1st


About Your Facilitator

Hey there!

I’m Nikki. I am a qualified Mental Health Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist, & Yoga Teacher. I have spent over a decade working with hundreds of women just like you. 

I specialise in helping women to overcome perfectionism, low self worth, anxiety, addiction, & disordered eating. And trust me, I have seen where perfectionistic thinking can take us - the debilitating impact of our inner critic, and the feeling of despair when nothing we do, is ever enough.

But believe me when I say that there is hope and that you CAN get past this. This masterclass guides you through my unique methodology to help you become clearer on the path which lies ahead.

Got your pen and paper ready? I can’t wait to see you in there!

Nikki 💕