A counsellor is not someone who tells you what to do, or how to think, but rather acts as another set of eyes and ears for you - enabling you to consider alternative perspectives and unpack limiting thoughts, beliefs or anxieties.

You're in the right place...


The journey of self development & inner healing starts with an acceptance that the way things are currently going, just isn't serving you any longer...


Do you resonate with any of the following statements?


◉ I don't trust my own decisions

◉ I feel ashamed of my body / relationship / career / personality

 ◉ I am consistently worried about what other people think of me

 ◉ I suffer from "imposter syndrome"

◉ I can't stop yo-yo dieting

 ◉ I tend to end up in relationships which drain me or disrespect me

 ◉ I'm at complete mental and/or physical burnout and I'm just so tired

 ◉ I don't know how to set boundaries

 ◉ What's my intuition again?

 ◉ I often say yes to people, things, situations and regret it later

 ◉ I feel that everyone else is more important than I am


If this sounds like you, know you're not alone.

I want to congratulate you on taking the first steps toward your path of reconnection...


Did you know? I've been there too.


I'm human just like you are and have navigated the inevitable ups and downs of life.  I know it's not easy. And for the most part, healing feels very lonely.


Regardless of how we work together, know that my personal experience coupled with my education and focus on a holistic & compassionate approach to therapy, will help to set you on the right track. 


I'm right here with you.

Nikki ❤

Project Perfect

A completely self paced, online program which cuts straight to the point. I guide you through the most important aspects of perfectionism recovery & disordered eating, using a protocol I have spend nearly a decade developing & fine tuning.

Broken down into 4 overarching steps, and 8 core lesson topics, the Project takes you through a systemised and strategic approach for radical transformation & self acceptance.

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Working with a Counselling Practitioner and engaging in "talk therapy" allows a person to safely explore their thoughts, emotions and feelings without the fear of being judged.


1:1 Counselling Therapy

One on one therapy is a personal journey of self awareness, compassion, acceptance, and aligned action.

I work specifically with women around issues of low self worth, anxiety, perfectionism, addiction, and disordered eating.

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A "not knowing" of ourselves effects not only our self esteem and self worth, but it ripples outward to affect our career, our relationships, our choices. 


Coming Home Program

Structured around the 7 Chakras, this signature program consists of over 60 lessons, and over 100 worksheets designed to really help you understand what makes you, you.

If you are fascinated by human behaviour, and are seeking a holistic approach of mind/body therapy, then you will love this.

Through the combination of video lessons, audio meditations, Yoga sequences, written exercises, and live group therapy calls, you will walk away with a much deeper connection to yourself, and the world around you.

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"We can choose to be perfect and admired or to be real and loved." - Glennon Doyle Melton


Overcoming Perfectionism Masterclass

Want to understand how your upbringing has impacted your thoughts and beliefs about who you "should" be in this world? Join Nikki in an in-depth masterclass and find out for yourself. Bonus workbook included!

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We cannot solely rely on our therapy sessions, or on the support or friends or family to help us through. Whilst these people are essential to our network of personal cheerleaders, it is always up to us (and only us) to do the deeper work.


SOS GUIDE: Journaling (e-book)

Journaling is a tool which when used amongst many others aids in the process of self-discovery.

This 25 page e-book is designed to help you get started with your journaling practice, offering a variety of different exercises which address different elements of who we are. The more you practice and are able to tap into your intuition and inner self, the more you will get from this book.

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“We hang out, we help one another, we tell one another our worst fears and biggest secrets, and then just like real sisters, we listen and don’t judge.” – Adriana Trigiani


SOS Sisterhood Membership

A safe online community space for likeminded women to share, learn, converse, and grow together.

Get access to therapy worksheets, guided meditations, live Q&A's, Yoga flows, wholesome recipes, and incredible interviews with practitioners from all over the world!

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Your Yoga journey should extend well beyond what you do on your mat, providing you with tools for mindfulness, stress relief, heightened clarity, patience, resilience and improved self-awareness.



Combining music, breath, conscious hands on touch, and basic Yoga philosophy guidance, I am available for individual, group, or corporate classes either in person if you are located in Bali, or online via Zoom.

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When your personal values align, your body produces the happy hormones that gives you inner motivation that fuels yourself to be happy, fulfilled and brings positive impact to your life.


Boundaries Workbook

Healthy boundaries are needed in order to cultivate a sense of safety for ourselves, and for others. Use this free guidebook to help you understand what boundaries are, identify your boundaries, and work towards expressing your needs in a confident and assertive manner.

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“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”
― LOUISE L. HAY,  You Can Heal Your Life


Self-Compassion Free Mini Workshop

Self compassion is the antidote to shame, guilt, and the inner critic. Many of us struggle to cultivate self compassion because we simply didn’t develop these skills in our formative years. Luckily, like learning to ride a bike, we can teach ourselves how to become more compassionate. Join me in this free workshop to find out how.

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