Imagine a life where you felt confident & comfortable, just as you are...

Learn the 4 step SOS method to understanding & moving past your perfectionistic tendencies.


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This 'Overcoming Perfectionism' masterclass is for you if you:


Life isn’t supposed to feel like a consistent uphill battle. It isn’t meant to be filled with anxiety, comparison, self-doubt, and criticism. Perfectionists have a set of rules which only apply to them, and an expectation that they are not allowed to experience the imperfections of being human.


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“Nikki, that session was amazing. I feel so seen, heard, and understood. Thank you for the way in which you explain everything and for your practical, compassionate approach to healing. I am so lucky to get to work with you!” - Sarah C.

In this masterclass you will discover my unique 4 step method to overcoming Perfectionism:


The importance of knowing where your beliefs, "should statement" & “not good enough” narrative comes from.


Realising how shame and criticism keep you stuck in the destructive perfectionism cycle.


Learning how to re-parent yourself, and meet your needs with compassionate curiosity.


Rewriting your beliefs, experimenting with new behaviours, breaking the cycle, and trusting the process.

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An eye opening guide to discovering the root causes of your perfectionism.

It’s all well and good to listen to a masterclass, but the real magic happens when we start applying our learnings to our own lives. 

This guidebook will help you to unpack your beliefs, your shame, and your definition of perfectionism. You’ll learn the cost of your perfectionistic tendencies, and realise that there is another way…

Learn simply self compassion tools & exercises to rewrite your definition of “perfect”.

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“At the root of perfectionism, is a traumatised individual who was led to believe that who she is, as she is, is not enough.”


About Your Facilitator

Hey there!

I’m Nikki. I am a qualified Mental Health Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist, & Yoga Teacher. I have spent over a decade working with hundreds of women just like you. 

I specialise in helping women to overcome perfectionism, low self worth, anxiety, addiction, & disordered eating. And trust me, I have seen where perfectionistic thinking can take us - the debilitating impact of our inner critic, and the feeling of despair when nothing we do, is ever enough.

But believe me when I say that there is hope and that you CAN get past this. This masterclass guides you through my unique methodology to help you become clearer on the path which lies ahead.

Got your pen and paper ready? I can’t wait to see you in there!

Nikki 💕