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Self Compassion Bundle

The rewarding journey towards self compassion is not for someone seeking a 'quick fix' approach to healing... it requires dedication, patience, understanding, and a deep willingness to "do the work".

Becoming more compassionate towards our selves requires looking at the parts of ourselves which we often choose to avoid due to it being too painful. It means nurturing and honoring ALL aspects of who we are and not just the parts we like, or want the world to see.

Compassionate healing requires shadow work, inner child healing, and learning how to see our perceived "shortcomings" as coping mechanisms which were necessary to survive at one stage of our lives.

To be compassionate with oneself is to truly accept and validate our humanness - to be able to hold our emotions without judgement, to express who we are without fear, to learn to trust the path of our lives.

This bundle is very close to my heart and has helped hundreds of women start walking the path of self acceptance.

In it you will receive:
  1. The Child, The Critic, The Parent Workshop
  2. The Child, The Critic, The Parent Slides
  3. Meet Your Inner Child Meditation 
  4. Self Compassion Workshop
  5. Self Compassion Slides
  6. Self Compassion Workbook Journal
  7. Compassionate Colour Meditation