The Attunement Academy

by State of Soul

Next Cohort Commencing October 2023


 A trauma informed continued education and skills enhancement program for heart centered healers, coaches, Yoga teachers, Therapists & Practitioners. 

For those who work with humans on their self development, healing, or emotional landscape in any way, and feel the moral duty and responsibility to yourself and to them to operate with integrity, compassion, and attunement.

Are you ready to upskill, expand, and hold space with confidence?

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This Program is for the Light Workers Who Want to Leave a Legacy of Safe, Heart Centered Healing.

At your absolute core you know without a doubt that helping humanity is your calling but you still feel a disconnect between what you know, and how to do it
You want to step away from the role of the “fixer” and learn how to properly guide others toward their own capacity to heal
You own the fact that you still have judgements, biases, or unhealed trauma of your own which gets in the way of your work
You often find yourself having difficult, emotionally charged conversations with clients and don’t quite know how to navigate them safely
You want to become trauma informed and recognise that this as the root of so much of your clients discomfort
You acknowledge that healing is a multi-dimensional journey and want to cultivate tools which attune to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of your clients
You want to show up as authentically human for your clients and stop thinking that as a healer you must be ‘perfect’ or greater than
You long for a deep sense of confidence and trust in your own work and to finally shake that imposter syndrome you’ve felt for so long

Attunement Academy is a transformative 6 month experience which up-levels, expands, and honors your unique gifts through a two-way approach of firstly looking inward at self and tending to your own wounds, and then by looking outward at how you can confidently, compassionately, and safely show up for human service.

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What you'll get...

24 x weekly 75 minute live learning sessions with associated reading & reflection practices
24 x Guided Meditations to unlock and release inner blockages
24 x weekly accountability submissions 
12 x bi-weekly live facilitation & feedback sessions done within small groups (2 rotations)
6 x 75 minute monthly live spotlight therapy calls with facilitated feedback & learning
24/7 access to group community for continued support
Attunement Academy ‘toolkit’ for graduates to use for client transformations
Entire Course Workbook in print or e-format
Lifetime access to all content, recordings, worksheets & readings

A library of priceless tools, resources and training to keep for life

Meet Your Facilitator

Nikki Heyder is a qualified, trauma informed Psychotherapist (MC), Yoga Teacher (300 Hours) & Nutritional Therapist (BHSc Nut) who has worked for over 11 years within the wellness industry. She has also completed additional training under trauma expert Dr Gabor Mate and his team - completing over 230 hours in Compassionate Inquiry. Additionally, she has training in trauma treatment with Dr West-Olatunji.

Nikki is deeply committed and driven by a heart centered approach of healing meaning that compassion, safety, and trust in her clients is of utmost importance to her successful, growing practice. 

Having worked extensively with clients suffering with eating disorders, addiction, and complex trauma, she has fine tuned her unique holistic approach of attuning to mind, emotion, body and spirit. 

As an entrepreneur Nikki has set up and run her own businesses across the span of these 11 years and has hosted successful workshops, masterminds and mentorships for new and experienced professionals. She actively supervises fellow therapists and coaches, and is dedicated to helping her peers to create a ripple effect of responsible healing. 

"I truly believe that through the learning and embodiment of responsible, safe, and compassionate space holding, we can  make a significant impact on the healing of humanity as a whole."

- Nikki Heyder

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Hear what our 2022 graduates had to say...

"I have loved the Attunement Academy so much. It has given the confidence I needed to better help and support my clients. I learned a lot and was able to apply the learnings in clinic straight away. Not only has it improved me as a practitioner but it has also helped me a lot with my imposter syndrome and shame. I was so exited to attend the call each week and the 24 weeks flew by. I would highly recommend this program and can’t wait to see what else Nikki creates in the future."

Lara Blackman | Kinesiologist, Yoga Teacher & Complimentary Medicine Practitioner | 2023 Graduate


"Nikki is wealth of knowledge I always say that. She’s inspiring, with how much she knows, creates, the structure she brings to everything and with such ease. Always makes me smile with her uplifting attitude and laugh. Nikki also makes herself available to support us, any advice someone has needed she takes her time to read every message and be as helpful as she can. Never made me feel like she’s on a pedestal which some other courses I’ve felt that with the teacher. Which reflects the course being heart led. I’m very grateful thank you Nikki."

Jade Brown | Anxiety Coach, Breathwork Facilitator | 2023 Graduate


"I really am totally blown away by Nikki's trauma informed certification. I started this journey because I wanted to learn how to be a better coach, and I got way more for my return on investment. Not only have I uncovered limiting beliefs I was unaware of, but I feel I’ve grown and this course has helped me become more authentic which is so important in this space.
I have learned so much more than I have ever learned on any other course in the self-help space. I feel I can now confidently and safely guide clients with a heart led and compassionate approach, realising I am not there to fix them, no one is broken. I am here to help people reconnect with their own healing capacity and remember who they are. This course has changed my life. It has confirmed how much I absolutely love this industry and I am so fascinated by psychology and holistic modalities to helping people heal and reconnect to wholeness. Nikki, I cannot thank you enough"

Rochelle Knowles | Life Coach | 2023 Graduate


"Without a doubt the best money I have spent on a my personal and professional development. When I found this course via Nikki's instagram, it was an instant full body YES, it was everything I had been thinking I needed and wanted. The content, the other women on the course, the knowledge, the guests were all so amazing. I never resented spending my time studying or going to sessions, I was excited every week to attend sessions. Nikki is such a wonderful leader and guide, I felt so supported and even though I felt like such a novice and such a student at times, I never felt insecure or judged or unable to ask questions. The topic each week was so powerful and it was so much fun to learn. I hugely enjoyed the live coaching/therapy sessions, seeing Nikki in action was inspiring and also motivating. I honestly have zero negative things to say about this course, other than the fact it's ending! I wish we could study together for another 6 months. Every coach needs to take this course, to deepen their understanding of themselves and also their own practice. It was so useful personally and professionally. I feel i have grown as a coach and as a human, i honestly feel like a better mother to my daughter from taking the course. Thank you Nikki."

Joanna Barber | Transformational Life & Recovery Coach | 2023 Graduate


Next Cohort: October 2023

The Curriculum

Inward Attunement

The first part of the Academy focuses on YOU - who you are as a healer or helper and how self-aware, objective, and regulated you are. Our own self-awareness and self-regulation is what makes us safe space holders.

Outward Attunement

The second part of the Academy focuses on HOW you hold space - enriching you with education, resources, tools and techniques for compassionate, safe, and trauma-informed care.

More student feedback...

I know what it feels like to lack the confidence in what you do...

Even though you know in your heart of hearts that helping others is your true calling 

If you're anything like I was, perhaps you've got an internal dialogue which tells you that you don't know enough, or can't help enough, or aren't as qualified as the next person... and these beliefs knock down your confidence, your willingness to show up and share your unique gifts and ideas with the world, and your trust in yourself to truly be the space holder you know you are born to be.

If you're anything like I was, perhaps you really value education, practical knowledge, and want to have the proper tools to operate ethically and responsibly for your clients.

And perhaps (like I was), you weren't initially trained in trauma and yet you see it arise time and time again within your sessions. You want to be trauma informed (not just aware) because you recognize the importance and prevelence of it. So you feel a bit stuck, and a bit limited, and a bit frustrated because you want to do the 'right' thing, but haven't found the 'right' program...

It took me many years, many qualifications, and a lot of money to develop the knowledge and skillset I now have which helps me confidently work with my client base.

And I WISH, I had back then what I have created here. Attunement Academy is everything I have learned when it comes to trauma informed care, compassionate space holding, and conscious guidance, simplified into an intensive 6 month training experience. It's what I believe all helpers and healers need to know regardless of whether you are a therapist, breathwork facilitator, coach, or Yoga teacher.

Attunement Academy recognizes what an honor and a privilege it is to be able to help others...  a privilege which should not be taken lightly. A privilege which comes with it, a huge amount of responsibility. Which is why this program was born.

It's a YES! Apply Here.


The Investment

USD $1,888 up front or 4 x monthly payments of USD $472

The Enrollment Process - Please Read Carefully

The Attunement Academy takes enrollment via application only. It is important to us that each individual who takes this program is in alignment with what it offers and is also at a stage of their business / professional development whereby the skills and knowledge offered is most applicable for them.

We have an expectation that enrollees remain committed for the duration of the program and attend all lives, supervisions, and facilitation groups. If we feel that the willingness to meet this commitment lacks for any reason, an application might be unsuccessful.

All successful applicants will move to a second stage of the enrollment process which is a 20 minute Zoom consultation with Nikki. The purpose of this meeting is to attune to Nikki as your potential facilitator, for her to ask you a series of questions regarding your application, and for you to do the same.

From there, if it feels like a ‘fit’ from both sides, enrollees will have 12 hours to secure their spot by either paying in full or committing to the payment plan offered.

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Optional Expansion Upgrade

Commence an additional 6 month supervision program direct with Nikki Heyder post certification of AA & join a community of like-minded attunement leaders 


  • 6 x 1 hour live supervision calls per month to discuss your client cases & fine tune skills
  • 2 x 1 hour business intensives to identify gaps within your business model 
  • Weekly Voxxer Access to Nikki (Monday to Wednesday) to ask questions & remain accountable 
  • Lifetime access to a growing Attunement Leadership Circle with fellow guides, healers & therapists who share the same core values as you




The Investment 

Additional USD $1,222 up front or 4 x monthly payments of USD $305.50

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Draw on Nikki’s diverse background and holistic approach. The modalities explored in this certification are:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy

Developmental Psychology

Buddhist Psychology & Theory


Parts Work

Inner Child Healing

Trauma Informed Education

Nervous System Regulation

Yoga & Somatic Experiencing

Energetics & The Chakra System

Mindfulness Based Meditation

Nutritional & Lifestyle Support for Mental Health

Emotional Safety & Attunement

Therapeutic Ethics

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