The Attunement Academy

by State of Soul

Next Cohort Commencing April 2023


 A trauma informed continued education and skills enhancement program for heart centered healers, coaches, Yoga teachers, Therapists & Practitioners. 

For those who work with humans on their self development, healing, or emotional landscape in any way, and feel the moral duty and responsibility to yourself and to them to operate with integrity, compassion, and attunement.

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This Program Is For The Light Workers Who Want To Leave a Legacy of Safe, Heart Centered Healing.

At your absolute core you know without a doubt that helping humanity is your calling but you still feel a disconnect between what you know, and how to do it
You want to step away from the role of the “fixer” and learn how to properly guide others toward their own capacity to heal
You own the fact that you still have judgements, biases, or unhealed trauma of your own which gets in the way of your work
You often find yourself having difficult, emotionally charged conversations with clients and don’t quite know how to navigate them safely
You want to become trauma informed and aware as you recognise this as the root of so much of your clients discomfort
You acknowledge that healing is a multi-dimensional journey and want to cultivate tools which attune to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of your clients
You want to show up as authentically human for your clients and stop thinking that as a healer you must be ‘perfect’ or greater than
You long for a deep sense of confidence and trust in your own work and to finally shake that imposter syndrome you’ve felt for so long

Attunement Academy up-levels, expands, and honors your unique gifts through a two-way approach of looking both inward at yourself and owning your own wounds, and then looking outward at how you show up for human service.

What you'll get...

24 x weekly 75 minute live learning sessions with associated reading & reflection practices
24 x Guided Meditations to unlock and release inner blockages
24 x weekly accountability submissions 
12 x bi-weekly live facilitation & feedback sessions done within small groups (2 rotations)
6 x 75 minute monthly live spotlight therapy calls with facilitated feedback & learning
24/7 access to group community for continued support
Attunement Academy ‘toolkit’ for graduates to use for client transformations
Entire Course Workbook in print or e-format
Lifetime access to all content, recordings, worksheets & readings

A library of priceless tools, resources and training to keep for life

Meet Your Facilitator

 Nikki Heyder is a qualified trauma informed Counselor (MC), Yoga Teacher (300 Hours) & Nutritional Therapist (BHSc Nut) who has worked for over 11 years within the wellness industry. She has also trained under Dr Gabor Mate and his team - completing over 230 hours in Compassionate Inquiry. 

Nikki is deeply committed and driven by a heart centered approach of healing meaning that compassion, safety, and trust in her clients is of utmost importance to her successful, growing practice. 

Having worked extensively with clients suffering with eating disorders, addiction, and trauma, she has fine tuned her unique holistic approach of attuning to mind, emotion, body and spirit. 

As an entrepreneur Nikki has set up and run her own businesses across the span of these 11 years and has hosted successful workshops, masterminds and mentorships for new and experienced professionals. She actively supervises fellow therapists and coaches, and is dedicated to helping her peers to create a ripple effect of responsible healing. 

What it feels like to learn from Nikki...

Stephanie, C. (Life Coach)

"Nikki has been my mentor for over 9 months now and her influence on my business and my life has been priceless. 

As a life coach I work a lot with issues of anxiety, stress and often come across many negative limiting beliefs which keep my clients blocked from success.

Whilst coaching structure and principles are still at the foundation of my business, I knew I needed more tools and knowledge to help me successfully navigate emotional conversations, trauma memories, and my own triggers.

Nikki has been a godsend in helping me to not only become a confident coach (I have a whole new toolbox thanks to her!), but she has taught me to trust my intuition, to know my own blockages, and to be patient with myself and my clients.

Having her as my coach is like having a personal therapist, a mentor, and a business adviser all in one. 

All of these aspects have led to massive client transformations and a booked out coaching business predominately based on referrals!"

Anna, L. (BSCPsych)

"I sought out Nikki as a supervisor specifically to help me with a client who was suffering from bulimia. She came highly recommended from two other psychologists who she has worked with in this area.

I have practiced as a licensed Clinical Psychologist in London for 5 years and to be honest, have felt fearful to work within the space of eating disorders. When this client presented to me, I wasn’t sure how to navigate it without a feeling of wanting to “fix” her.

It was new territory for me and some of my own biases and judgements arose which is why I sought supervision.

Nikki and I had 12 supervision sessions over 6 months as I supported my client through her shame and eating disorder.

What is different about Nikki’s approach is not only her clinical background as a Nutritionist which helped me extensively to understand the inner workings of the body and what was happening to my client physiologically, but also her very compassionate and ACT (acceptance focused) method to talk therapy and being of counsel.

Her calmness, and the way she normalizes even the most difficult of conversations and situations gave me so much more confidence in my own approach which in turn allowed my client to feel extremely safe and open to change.

I realized that unlike other many other mental health conditions, eating disorder recovery can take years and therefore patience and compassion is essential for healing to be achieved. 

Nikki offered me tools and insights not learned at university which revolved around mindfulness, meditation, and somatic experiencing. All new approaches for me to gain access to the parts of my clients psyche which needed attention.

Thank you Nikki for your guidance and support. I would highly recommend working with you to any therapist seeking to expand their skill set beyond what is taught and practiced in conventional institution."

The Curriculum




Intention Setting

Understanding Your “Why” 


Week 2 - YOUR LENS

Identifying Your Perceptions, Biases & Judgements 



Identifying your Triggers & Limiting Beliefs


Navigating Imposter Syndrome

Showing up & sharing with confidence versus selling

Magnifying you online reach

How to keep the "human" in an online experience



Taking Responsibility & Accountability For Yourself


Week 2 - YOUR LENS

Identifying Your Perceptions, Biases & Judgements 



Identifying your Triggers & Limiting Beliefs



Acknowledging Your Own Wounds & Lived Experiences

Using your gifts in practice 

The role of common humanity in a therapeutic relationship



Cultivating emotional detachment

Cultivating Compassion

Cultivating non-judgement 

Cultivating Trust 



Active listening



Structuring a therapeutic session


Week 13 - SPACE

How To Hold Space

Creating Energetic Safety

Seeking Permission 

Finding Comfort in Silence



Understanding what trauma means

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Socio Cultural Effects of Trauma



Intergenerational Trauma

Creating a Genogram

Understanding Traumatic Patterns





Defense Mechanisms

Emotional Embodiment of Trauma


Identifying limiting beliefs

Helping clients to restructure limiting beliefs 


Week 19 - PARTS WORK

Identifying parts in session

Understanding the IFS model



Working with the inner child

Identifying un-met needs

Re-parenting tools & techniques



What is Polyvagal Theory

Re-toning the vagal nerve

Somatic therapy & movement practices 

Yoga therapy



Mindfulness in therapy

Using Meditation As a Self Inquiry Tool

Meditation for Prescence

Buddhist & Yogic Philosophy




Client Safety

Crisis Management




Meet Your Guest Facilitator

Phoebe Greenacre - Business Coach & Somatic Therapist 

Phoebe practices what she preaches... which is why she is the perfect person to guide you through the business development part of the curriculum.

Phoebe has over 15 years experience in business start-ups, marketing & entrepreneurship, most recently successfully growing her thriving online brand as a Yoga teacher and Somatic Therapist (inclusive of podcast, online membership, 1:1 coaching, and group programs).

She is full of wisdom on not only the WHAT of online business, but also HOW to do it in a way which feels authentic and integral to you. 



Instagram: @phoebegreenacre

What it feels like to work with an attuned therapist...

Myrthe, N.

I have worked with Nikki for a few years now. I had worked with other therapists in the past but I needed something different.

By this point I was very aware of what exactly I needed help with and what I was looking for in a therapist. 

At that time in my life I was in a very deep dark hole. I struggled with major depression and anxiety, perfectionism, I was grieving the loss of my mother who died of cancer a few months prior and I was going through a horrendously painful breakup.

I think one of the biggest things I learned from Nikki is self compassion, which I can honestly say has changed my life.

Nikki isn’t just a therapist, everything she did leading up to this, like her background in nutrition, Yoga teacher training, life experience etc. make her uniquely qualified and truly holistic in the way she approaches therapy.

She recognizes that even in talk therapy we can’t bypass the body. Our body holds so much wisdom and most therapist that I’ve worked with completely forget the embodiment aspect which I believe to be so important to long lasting healing.

You can feel that Nikki truly loves what she does, which makes all the difference.

What I love about Nikki is that she grows alongside you because she is dedicated to the work herself and keeps investing in new ways to deepen her skills as a therapist.

She also isn’t afraid to show her humanness and she goes above and beyond for her clients. I mean, the woman reads my journal entries. Can you imagine the level of safety you have to feel with someone to have them read your deepest most personal thoughts?!

Taylor J, C.

I experienced emotional/mental and physical abuse at the hands of my alcoholic father. Many nights ended with abuse which was followed by explosive outburst (mine) which then lead to me beginning to self-harm as a means to cry out for help, a plea for my fathers love.

Many nights I spent hours crying to my mum begging her to get me help, to fix me, to make it stop, this is when I began therapy.

I began therapy at approximately 13 years of age. I was under the care of a psychiatrist where I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and OCD, and almost instantly prescribed medication to assist with the symptoms I was experiencing. Over time dosages continued to increase to band aid my symptoms.

During this time, I saw numerous different psychologists and counsellors, some specialised in working with children and others who were came highly recommended. Unfortunately very little progress was made.

I felt out of control of my emotions and my life. Things began to escalate; I spent many days unable to attend school due to panic attacks and depressive episode, being unable to sleep and increased self-harming. I became my diagnosis, I could be nothing more.

In 2018 after a series of suicide attempts I was given a BPD diagnosis and started on the DBT therapy program at hospital. For me this was a blessing in disguise it meant I was able to be participate in the hospitals DBT program. The psych & the program itself was my first taste of progress but after the year ended, I was left alone and slipped back into old patterns. I needed help.

After another few 'textbook' therapists, and more lack of progress I found Nikki. We commenced therapy in June of 2021.

I have loved working with Nikki - what makes her experience different from my many others is:

  • She genuinely cares about the service she provides her clients, she is continuously studying and developing her knowledge offering a truly holistic approach
  • She is her authentic self, she doesn’t need to read from a text book but rather speaks from her heart and is so intuitive
  • I love that she just "gets it" - both from a therapeutic standpoint and a personal one
  • She always holds you accountable through homework
  • She is so safe, and can hold space like nothing I have ever experienced
  • With Nikki it isn’t just about “ranting” about the issue but rather navigating it and finding understanding so that it can be approached with compassion

In my time working with Nikki, I have felt a significant shift in my entire life, my perspectives, and my beliefs.

Where self-harm or suicide used to be my 'go to' thoughts, I am now much more capable of navigating challenging times with compassion and presence.

I no longer feel defined by the labels once given to me.

Mona, N.

From the start, Nikki impressed me with her knowledgeable and professional manner and wisdom beyond her years.

I have been struggling with anxiety disorder, depression, eating disorders, and drug addiction, and have been diagnosed with Bipolar II disorder, leading me to seek help from mental health care professionals around the world.

After having worked with dozens of therapists over the past 20 years of my life, I can only say that working with Nikki has been (and still is) a great success.

I always look forward to our sessions in which she compassionately helps me identify my unconscious patterns, develop problem solving skills, integrate past traumas, face unresolved emotions and brainstorm new ways of self improvement with her down-to-earth and workable approach.

I feel deep gratitude and real satisfaction with Nikki as my therapist and since our time together my anxiety has significantly decreased, I no longer starve myself, I have been clean for over a year, and I am finding a much more compassionate part of me to help navigate the inevitable ups and downs of my life. 

If you have any questions about the Attunement Academy, send Nikki a message.


The Investment

USD $1,888 up front or 4 x monthly payments of USD $472

The Enrollment Process - Please Read Carefully

The Attunement Academy takes enrollment via application only. It is important to us that each individual who takes this program is in alignment with what it offers and is also at a stage of their business / professional development whereby the skills and knowledge offered is most applicable for them.

We have an expectation that enrollees remain committed for the duration of the program and attend all lives, supervisions, and facilitation groups. If we feel that the willingness to meet this commitment lacks for any reason, an application might be unsuccessful.

All successful applicants will move to a second stage of the enrollment process which is a 20 minute Zoom consultation with Nikki. The purpose of this meeting is to attune to Nikki as your potential facilitator, for her to ask you a series of questions regarding your application, and for you to do the same.

From there, if it feels like a ‘fit’ from both sides, enrollees will have 12 hours to secure their spot by either paying in full or committing to the payment plan offered.

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Optional Expansion Upgrade

Commence an additional 6 month supervision program direct with Nikki Heyder post certification of AA & join a community of like-minded attunement leaders 


  • 6 x 1 hour live supervision calls per month to discuss your client cases & fine tune skills
  • 2 x 1 hour business intensives to identify gaps within your business model 
  • Weekly Voxxer Access to Nikki (Monday to Wednesday) to ask questions & remain accountable 
  • Lifetime access to a growing Attunement Leadership Circle with fellow guides, healers & therapists who share the same core values as you




The Investment 

Additional USD $1,222 up front or 4 x monthly payments of USD $305.50

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Draw on Nikki’s diverse background and holistic approach. The modalities explored in this certification are:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy

Developmental Psychology

Buddhist Psychology & Theory


Parts Work

Inner Child Healing

Trauma Informed Education

Nervous System Regulation

Yoga & Somatic Experiencing

Energetics & The Chakra System

Mindfulness Based Meditation

Nutritional & Lifestyle Support for Mental Health

Emotional Safety & Attunement

Therapeutic Ethics

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