The Union of Body, Breath, and Spirit

Nikki Heyder,  Certified by Yoga Alliance

The word "Yoga" translates to "union" - the union of body, breath and spirit.


Your Yoga practice can guide you to tune in to the messages of your physical body, whilst simultaneously allowing you to explore and expand into your spiritual practice.

Whilst traditional Yoga poses, asana, allows you to build strength and flexibility, your Yoga journey extends well beyond what you do on your mat, providing you with tools for mindfulness, stress relief, heightened clarity, patience, resilience and improved self-awareness.

I have been practicing Yoga for over 15 years and I am now extending the love of my own practice to teach others. I specialise in teaching Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga through a trauma informed lens  meaning that classes are accessible and adaptable to all persons and address the needs and symptoms of trauma survivors.

Combining music, breath, optional conscious hands on touch, and basic Yoga philosophy guidance, I am available for individual, group, or corporate classes either in person if you are located in Bali, or online via Zoom.

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"Practicing with Nikki has completely transformed my Yoga. Despite practicing for years it wasn’t until I started doing lessons with Nikki that I understood how to properly engage in the poses to suit my body - things as simple as downward dog were totally different with a few minor adjustments. I’ve always done Yoga as a part of big classes which has meant that I haven’t been taught proper stance. In the space of a few one on one classes, my practice has been overhauled and I am getting far more out of my Yoga (body and mind) than I have for years."


Sarah B.

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