The SOS Sisterhood

Growing Together...

Do you find that you feel more excited about your growth and self development when you see others doing the same?


Over my years of practice, I have run hundreds of workshops, countless retreats all over the world, group therapy sessions, online group programs, and taught many, many Yoga classes. 

One of my MOST favourite things to see is when we support each other within these groups and as a result we accelerate faster with our growth. 

Why is this? 

  • Because as humans we naturally THRIVE when we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. 
  • We feel seen, heard, accepted and validated when we know others are going through or have gone through similar things as us.
  • We are able to exercise a greater sense of compassion & empathy when we feel connected to other people.
  • We get the opportunity to share our voice, our wisdom, and our innate desire to be of service to humanity. 

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What's To Expect:

✔  Live interviews with other inspiring practitioners and experts

✔  Live Q&A Sessions with Me

✔  Weekly tools, tips, and downloads to encourage you to ask the important questions in life

✔  Yoga sequence videos to get that body moving & flowing 

✔  Delicious, simple, and easy recipe cards & intuitive eating practices

✔  Audio meditation downloads

✔  Weekly conversation topics about life, relationships, anxiety, addiction, limiting beliefs, and self care 

✔  Plus so much more!


A QUICK NOTE: When you join the Coming Home Progam, you receive 1 month FREE membership into the sisterhood! A great way to experience both offers and then decide after 1 month whether you'd like to continue on with the membership.

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About Your Facilitator

Hey there! I'm Nikki Heyder.

With over 11 years of experience within the wellness industry, I have developed my skills and knowledge in a way which now offers an integrative, holistic approach to healing and personal growth.

My passion is about reconnecting my clients back to themselves in order for them to understand better who they are and therefore operate with less stress, less pain, and less conflict in the world around them.

I am a qualified Counselling Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Consultant.

My personal journey has led me to complete:

✨  Bachelor in HR management & Human Behaviour

✨  Bachelor in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine)

✨  Diploma in Nutritional Counselling for Disordered Eating

✨  Diploma in Mental Health Counselling

✨  Certificate in Somatic Approached to Healing Trauma

✨  300hr Yoga Teacher

✨  Reiki Level 2

I believe that "health" is not merely about the internal workings of the body - but rather a fusion of the emotional, physical, and spiritual self.

"Nikki does an amazing, innate job at pulling together likeminded women who are all present for the same reason of self growth, so you can really relax knowing that. It's great to see that other women feel the same as you! Ive been so impressed and inspired by how Nikki can touch on so many important and difficult subjects, but she has a way of laying everything out step by step so that the penny magically drops and everything makes sense...!"

The SOS Sisterhood

A safe online community space for likeminded women to share, learn, converse, and grow together.

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