Welcome to State of Soul.

A holistic, therapeutic approach of reconnection, acceptance, and wholeness. You're only a few steps away from feeling truly like yourself...

Welcome to State of Soul

An integrative approach of reconnecting to self and others.


How do you know if you are "disconnected" in the first place?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below, I would say you've landed in the right place: 


✔ I can't make decisions for myself.
✔ I am consistently worried about what other people think of me.
✔ I feel disappointed with my choices in life.
✔I suffer from "imposter syndrome" all the time.
✔ I tend to end up in situations or relationships which drain me or disrespect me.
✔ I don't trust myself at all.
✔ My body feels "blah" all of the time.
✔ I'm at complete mental and/or physical burnout and I'm just so tired.
✔ I don't know how to set boundaries.
✔ What's my intuition again?
✔ I often say yes to people, things, situations and regret it later.
✔ I just feel like there should be something more to life ~ is this really it?
Yes!! This is me!

It's so nice to meet you!

            My name is Nikki and I am a University qualified Mental Health Counsellor, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and an Attunement & Psychotherapeutic Educator for Junior Therapists and heart centered Coaches.

           I’ve been in the wellness industry for over 11 years and have worked with hundreds of different women who have struggled with low self-esteem, debilitating anxiety, chronic stress,  depression, addiction, shame, and disordered eating.

           I too have come up against so many of my own life lessons which have hurt me, rattled me, challenged me, and frustrated me, but which have ultimately led me to connecting back to my authenticity at a much deeper level.

           What I've realised through my own life, and through my practice, is that what we truly long for as humans is to be met with compassion and understanding for our humanness. To be fully seen, loved accepted for who we are, as we are.

           Many of think that the only way we get to feel this, is to seek it outside of ourselves. To desperately scramble for the validation and approval from others. When in fact, what we are seeking lies within us.

           We just have to remember how to find it.

           Ready to get started? I can't wait to meet you. ❤

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The Coming Home Program is State of Soul's signature, self paced, self awareness program. An online 7 week offering designed to realign you, shift your perspective, remind you of your values and your inherent worthiness. This will give you the tools and resources you need in order to start living a life of contentment and authenticity.
Join me for over 60 video lessons, 100+ downloadable exercises, expansive Yoga flows, guided meditation practices, and more! Plus once you register, it's yours to keep for life! 
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Our first experiences of life shape our core beliefs about ourselves and the world at large. Our beliefs then drive our actions and therefore create our reality.
But how do these beliefs develop in the first place? And how does a child’s mind interpret their environment?
Most importantly, how do these beliefs then affect our sense of worthiness, our disconnection from our authenticity, and our ability to lead a fulfilling and aligned life?

Join Nikki in this 60 minute recorded Webinar as she guides you through an understanding of adverse childhood experiences, childhood development, and trauma and how we as adults are still so impacted by what happened to us.

Learn tools for healing and shifting our beliefs as well as developing a greater awareness and acceptance of our unique stories.

Plus receive a bonus 18 page self reflection booklet for your own inquiry after you watch!

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"I was surprised that I actually felt comfortable to share a little of my story and I was able to just be myself without feeling anxious. I believe it is Nikki’s warm and healing aura that gave me this sense of safeness. For once, I felt safe and calm to share the things that I usually keep to myself. Thank you!"


Anne S.

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